Paruyr Sevak to the children


  • Meline Gilavyan ASPU


a stork, a partridge, a bat, a cat, a tiger, the dog and the wolf, a violet, children's poetry


As a result of studying the theme “Paruyr Sevak to the children”, we have come to a number of conclusions:

  1. Naturally, Paruyr Sevak cannot be  considered a children's writer in the dictionary meaning of the word, but we can't help but record that he gave a new path of progress to pediatrics   with his collection of children's poems "Your Acquaintances" . The collection taught children's writers of his generation and those who appeared in subsequent decades masterful lessons in presenting the themes and motifs of folklore to child readers in a new way.
  2. With his children's poems Paruyr Sevak shows that one should be guided by taking into consideration the features of the readers' age and psychological development and not to burden children's poems with inappropriately used comparisons, metaphors, and adverbs.

      In this sense, it can be concluded that the poet offered the children's poets not only a content, but also a form-structural, and a linguistic guide to the children's poem, which was very useful for the children's poets.       

  1. With the poems of his collection of "Your Acquaintances" P. Sevak teaches child readers important lessons they will need for whole their life. He does not give advice to the readers, but criticizes the flawed traits and characteristics of human character in simple and accessible artistic ways, leaving the conclusions to the readers.

        The "heroes" of his children's poems are representatives of the animal world, whom the poet humanizes in a unique way, endows them with flawed and appreciable qualities and traits that are characteristic of a  human character.

  1. P. Sevak's children's poems stand out for their high performance skills, uncomplicated narrative style, appropriate use of comparisons, metaphors, adverbs, and musicality.

       The poet does not give advice and admonitions to child readers, but talks with them about representatives of the animal world giving appropariate answers to  their interesting "why"-s  and "how"-s.


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