Ismail Hagg, Izzet, Armenian-Kurdish relations, Van census, Petros Gapamachyan, Dashnaktsutyun-Ittihat alliance, land disputes, Ittihat, Ittilaf


The article presents the state of the Armenians of Van province during the tenure of governors Ismail Hagg and Izzet Bey, 1911-1913. After the dismissal of their previous governor, Bekir Sami Bey, from the fall of 1910 to the beginning of 1911, the post of deputy governor of Van was temporarily entrusted to the former "deutertar" (tomarakal - A.) of the province, who was replaced by Ismail Hagg Pasha at the beginning of 1911. However, soon Izzet Bey, who is of Kurdish origin, is appointed the new governor of Van province. In the study, with the help of relevant facts from the source, for the first time, the situation of Armenians in Van province during the rule of Ismail Hagg and Izzet governors was covered, the Armenian-Kurdish relations of Van province during the study period were highlighted, it was presented on February 13, 1912 between ARF and Ittihat the signed pact by which the ruling party was obliged to fulfill its long-standing promises regarding the solution of Armenians' land, school, security and other problems. The article also revealed the elections of the second class of the Ottoman Parliament held in Van on April 6-8, 1912 and the mayoral elections held in Van in 1912.


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